Pride Parade in St. Petersburg, FL — rain, rain, go back to San Francisco


Of course I had to go to the Pride Parade. One, it’s one of the biggest festivals around Tampa Bay Area. Two, the Supreme Court rulings happen only once in a…lifetime, most likely. So it was a big deal. Plus I knew my friends would be going to the San Francisco parade so it was nice to know we’d be sharing an experience even if it were across the country.


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Welcome to the Bay Area!

I made the leap.

That’s right. I moved up to Northern California. San Jose to be specific.

For all the haters, the means I’m going to be using hella a lot more.

All seriousness aside, I moved up here last Friday because I want to find a job doing marketing/communications with a tech company. So where better than live in Silicon Valley?

When I told my friend Y I moved to Palo Alto, he seemed stunned 1. that I’m not in NZ anymore and 2. I suddenly materialised to live in the same county as him. Good laughs.

Anyway, the advantages of living here are huge.

— It’s better weather (I was deathly ill the first week back to USA from burning heat in Orange County – I much prefer shade and green leaves here).

— It’s friendlier

— My auto insurance is cheaper by $100 (yeah never occurred to me how crazy LA drivers are, esp. when you’re one of them, but they are some of the most dangerous in USA, I imagine)

— Everything is a 5 minute drive away. No seriously.

— And I live so close to San Francisco and Berkeley.

So here’s a little welcome note from the Dyke March last week during Gay Pride Weekend.

I went to the Dyke March Saturday with friends and we hung out in Dolores Park where we sipped gently on wine while catching up and briefly skimming topics related to the LGBT community.

It was a nice day with so many CRAZY looking people. I love that about San Francisco. Anything goes. And you never look too silly. Even the naked people are OK. Except maybe if I turned up wearing a suit. And even then, people probably wouldn’t look more than twice…

Nice man making bubbles for the crowds. Isn’t that sweet?

Totally NOT surprised to see the New Zealand flag there. Proud moment of being a Kiwi!

San Francisco is filled with free LOVE ❤

Capped off Dyke March with a motorcycle pride. After the parade I realised it made so much sense…Dykes on Bikes. Has a nice ring to it!

Polished off a lovely day with my good friends H, B (& O & A), with dinner at Gracias Madre. Organic Mexican cuisine.

So SF. And so delicious.

…Off to the Mission!

Exactly what hit the spot. And we ordered some crazy concoctions I’ve never tried before!

These are quesadillas made with hand-made tortillas fresh from their kitchen (their texture is really different, thick and soft but not too dense…) with sweet potato filling and cashew cheese on top!


Next my favourite. Spicy as though so watch out if you can’t handle your chilli!

They’re Gorditas: potato-masa cakes with salsa verde, avocado, cashew cheese and some salad. But don’t be fooled. The vegetables don’t temper the spiciness.

And the Empanadas!

Another crazy fabulous hit.

I loved this. It was so good. Tortilla wrapped plantains with mole sauce. OMG OMG OMG. I have that weak spot for beautifully grilled and caramelised plantains. So you can imagine the food coma I was in after this.

All very reasonably priced (appetizers around $8-10, mains $12-15). The three of us girls ordered 3 appetizers and extra tortillas and cashew cheese to share tapas style. Turned out to be just enough (if not a tad too much) food so I recommend this if you’re starving because their portions are HUGE.

Thank you so much B for introducing me to this resto.

So this long weekend is July 4th. I promise to get up to something interesting.

Sit tight and don’t get too excited as you wait for my next post. Ha.

By the way if anyone has recommendations for things I should do in the Bay Area.

PLEASE send them my way. Would love to explore this place 😀