Autumn leaves at Stanford campus


The colors and textures caught my eye. It was a fun exercise to walk around for 2 days, for a few hours taking photos of colorful swirls.




Pumpkin Festivities: Hello big orange goodness



It’s fall. In NZ, we call this season Autumn. And for us, it occurs March-May. Despite living in the US for the last 4 years, it remains a shock to me that golden yellow leaves fall around the months of Oct to Nov until the end of the year. The Northern Hemisphere has introduced a new rhythm in my life and it is touching how zealous Americans are about their traditions.

Today’s photo is a cute reminder of the culinary preeminence that pumpkin holds in American society. Yes, Halloween as passed. But pumpkins will stay probably until the end of November if not into December. Hooray for seasonal foods!

Granted, I saw this outside Whole Foods – they are atypical of most grocery stores. But the feel-good effect of the pumpkins, hay stacsk and decorations encouraged me to post this as a way to signal the fast approaching Thanksgiving celebrations.

So what are you doing for Thanksgiving?

Eating pumpkin? I hope so!