Autumn leaves at Stanford campus


The colors and textures caught my eye. It was a fun exercise to walk around for 2 days, for a few hours taking photos of colorful swirls.



Veterans Day in Cupertino

One direction I decided to take this blog (yes I’m trying my best to update despite the intense workload at Stanford) is to post photos up here that don’t make the cut on our Peninsula Press website. Some of these photos are near and dear to me but I understand they’re not always as newsworthy or precious moments as the others. But they have sentimental value!! So I’ll put them up here. You can check out the published photo gallery here on the Peninsula Press. 

This series was for a photo gallery for Veterans Day ceremony in Cupertino. You can check out the rest of my pics on the Peninsula Press website.









Crossing the 75-year-old Monumental Golden Gate Bridge

Part 2 of celebrating the Golden Gate Bridge’s 75th anniversary —

The weekend after the Hug Line, my friends and I decided to do the daring: we biked across the Golden Gate Bridge.

We started our leisurely relaxing day with a visit to the Farmers Market in the Ferry Building.

So fun and so delicious. I left with my hoard of 3 pounds of cherries and an entire rotisserie chicken. Much pleased with myself.

Once we were well fed but not too well watered, we set off to Fisherman’s Wharf where we picked up our bike rentals.

We pedaled along the shore of the Bay to the entrance of the bridge. It was a tough ride uphill and my thighs were burning from the lactic acid overproduction. It just goes to show how endurance adapted I am. Though in my defense, I later discovered that I had set my bike on the highest gear which made it almost impossible to bike uphill – not the smartest thing to do when dealing with San Francisco’s hills.

Thankfully, once on the bridge, biking was smooth sailing. Other than avoiding the foot traffic. But it well worth it for the beautiful views:



The downhill to Sausalito was the best!! So fast and so fun with next to no biking, just plenty of breaking.

We made it to Sausalito in just over 2 hours. Enough time to catch a breather and look at the interesting galleries before we had to catch our last ferry home in time to return out bikes.


This was pretty awesome piece of art — the license plates of different states moulded into the shape of the state and pieced together to great a map of the United States.


We even had some time to explore Fisherman’s Wharf and tuck into a hearty seafood dinner to celebrate our efforts mounting the bridge.


Ahhh fun day!