Pride Parade in St. Petersburg, FL — rain, rain, go back to San Francisco


Of course I had to go to the Pride Parade. One, it’s one of the biggest festivals around Tampa Bay Area. Two, the Supreme Court rulings happen only once in a…lifetime, most likely. So it was a big deal. Plus I knew my friends would be going to the San Francisco parade so it was nice to know we’d be sharing an experience even if it were across the country.


I took the bus from Williams Park which was an experience. I stood outside in the stanking hot, humid heat beating down on me until sweat dripped down my thighs. The entire crew was represented: the homeless, the addicts, the prostitutes (seriously, crazy conversations to overhear), and the misguided teenagers.

I made it eventually…


…only to be drenched in rain 15 minutes later. I’m not in the Bay Area anymore. As much as I complained about the erratic weather and depressing dips into frigid temperatures, San Francisco’s weather is much more pleasant to endure than the tropical storms here.

So it rained. And people ran for shelter. The bars had better business than they probably do year round.


Luckily my friends were there campaigning for the Lens so W dropped me home in their Smart car (pun definitely intended). Those are the best parts about living in St. Petersburg. I love my friends and colleagues and PI is just an awesome place to work.

While I could be lamenting that my friends were having a blast, biking around SF, churning through potent cupcakes and watching nude and half-nude people run down the street, I’ll just point out that at least St. Pete does rain in style:



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