Bayfront water views in St Petersburg, FL


If you think this is the view from my apartment, you’re going to be disappointed. However, this is the spectacular view from my friends’ waterfront apartment looking out into the harbor in St. Petersburg, Fla. So if you think that I’ve made some socialite friends since I got here, then you’d be right.


We’re up on the 27th floor with some of the best views in town. I’m preparing to see the 4th of July fireworks from here and there’s probably no better location than right on Beach Drive.



I was really excited to spend Independence Day in Florida because I assumed the festivities would be more lively than California (except maybe Orange County and Bakersfield — what else is there to do but show your patriotism in those places?).

I don’t think I was wrong. I went to a nice party where people clapped and cheered and congratulated (weird, I know) each other on celebrating another year of Independence.

Yaye for liberty!

I made some videos too if you want to see what the fireworks looked like from my point of view. And don’t give me sh*t for taking the videos portrait – yes I know should better.


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