Favorite foods: char kway teow

I’m starting a new series about my favorite foods during this trip. It’s going to be too much work to wait until I have a sufficient collection before I post. So I figured I’ll just post them as a series once they come in.

And this edition will be on char kway teow.

It’s a Malaysian dish but it’s really just a variation on fried flat rice noodles with shrimp and egg that you can find in most Asian countries. This probably came from China but char kway teow how as it’s own distinct flavor from the sauces and spices (it is spicy!) added.

It’s made with flat, usually thicker when Malaysian, rice noodles stir fried with bean sprouts, egg, shrimp, and sometimes fried tofu.

It can be too greasy and heavy but definitely a must try. Delicious! And usually cheap (about 50-80 ringgit should be enough for a decent serving).



These are all variations on the same dish from different areas. I have to say the best one I had was definitely from Penang in a little shack in the Red Garden street food court.

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