Doi Suthep is in Chiang Mai


THAILAND : I made it successfully to my third of five countries on this tour of South East Asia.

We stopped at Chiang Mai after the 4 day stay in Bangkok (photos to follow of that trip). It is a beautiful city with much milder weather than Bangkok. To compensate for its cooler temperatures and lower humidity, it rains far more often (usually once a day) with frequent downpours strong enough to knock you over.

My dad and I visited Doi Suthep yesterday. It’s a temple locate on the top of a mountain. We had to bargain and shop around for a taxi who took us up for 400 Baht (haggling becomes a natural part of living in Asia).



The stairs were exquisitely crafted. The architecture in the temples I’ve seen so far are very delicate and detailed. It was cool to see the dragon modeled body the whole way down the stairs.

And here are the photos of the temple itself – packed with people, candles, and gold everywhere.









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