Twin Towers of Kuala Lumpur


The Twin Towers are Kuala Lumpur’s pride and joy. Constructed from steel, reinforced steel, plus a few thousands more tons of steel, and a tad of concrete, the two towers are an architectural marvel designed by Argentinian Cesar Pelli. The Towers’ official name is the Petronas Tower, named after the petroleum company that owns most of the tower. They once stood as the highest towers in the world in 1998 when they were inaugurated. However, they were soon surpassed in height by the Taipei 101 Tower in 2004. Enough regurgitated facts you can check out the wiki entry yourself for more info.

Here are the beautiful pics. Unfortunately I couldn’t go backwards far enough to get a full picture but you get the idea…







This is the inside. It’s a large shopping mall with 4 storeys of shops and restaurants. The rest are offices. Interestingly because of the shape of the building, it is difficult to rent the space (the floor space becomes progressively smaller and less able to fit as much as the bottom floors) while being much more expensive to build due to the unique shape and costly steel.

Still pretty building and definitely worth seeing!






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