Durian, Durian

Much loved or much hated? Both describe most people’s ambivalent feelings towards durian. It’s like Marmite — there’s just no middle ground.


Understandably, I sympathize with hotels, airports, airplanes, and public areas that ban these fruits. But it’s their loss. More for the rest of us!

Thankfully I fall into the much loved category so a trip without tasting Malaysian durian is as if I’ve never been to Malaysia before.


I found my bounty tonight with the help of my cousin and her family. They took my dad and me to a tasty restaurant where we enjoyed Malaysian-Chinese cuisine. Soon as we exited into the parking lot, I smelt a familiar stench. Yup! The smell of durian wafted through a parking lot to where I stood.

Three shacks at the edge of the lot stood proudly with their stinky offerings.


The guy weighed them and sold them by the kilo for us ($25RM per kilo).

Then he went through the surgical procedure to dissect them. I’ve always thought of it a bit like cutting up an Alien baby or removing organs because of the delicately smooth and mushy texture coupled with how snugly each piece fits in its pod.

Hmmmm like a horror B movie, isn’t it?





Mmmmmmm the delicious end result. It was quite good. A bit too
bitter for my tastes unfortunately. But very strong and pungent. Great with ice cream I’ve heard. Guess I’ll just have to chase down some golden pillows while I’m in Thailand then — supposedly the most delicious variety available…




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