Genting Highlands: Casino and Themepark combined


Spent the day at Malaysia’s proud replica of Las Vegas. They were even authentic enough to imitate the fake Eiffel Tower sitting somewhere in Vegas. (I wouldn’t really know since I haven’t actually been to the “real” Vegas — what an oxymoron?! — I mean The Strip while being over 21.)



It’s kind of like a crazy house fun land theme park with many hotels and casinos inside.


Though strangely called Genting Highlands.
Strange because that’s not at all what I expect a town of debauchery to sound like. I guess this place is more shopping- and family-friendly than Vegas. Only an hour outside of Kuala Lumpur, we took an hour and half bus with Go Genting for a ridiculously cheap price of $4.30RM each.


They even had some fast car races from the lower skyline at the bottom of the hill to the top of the skyline.

I have never heard so many “ooooos” and “ahhhhs” from people drooling over a couple of Lamborghinis…


Pretty good day overall. Though it’s left me wanting to go to Vegas now to check out the real deal.


3 thoughts on “Genting Highlands: Casino and Themepark combined

  1. Whoa. That looks like an awesome place! I’m not a huge fan of Vegas, but I would definitely want to check that place out given the chance.

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