Malaysian Mangosteens

To say I came to Malaysia to eat the mangosteens would be an exaggeration. But my motives are not far off.

I arrived in Malaysia late last night, the first destination in my 3 week tour of South East Asia. While the weather certainly could have been more accommodating (it’s hot, humid, and muggy), I certainly can’t complain about the mangosteens.

We got them for 7$RM — a real steal considering I have paid that price for one before in US and more in NZ.

They are simply delicious.

A small pleasure to blunt the pain of finding out 3 hours into my trip today that coming to enjoy delicious food in Malaysia and other parts of South East Asia is going to be difficult. After all, I came just as Ramadan started and will leave the same day it ends.

While this could have been a horrible moment, I’ll take it as an additional challenge to sniff out the best foodie spots over the next few weeks.




3 thoughts on “Malaysian Mangosteens

  1. hope the trip is incredibly Anna! Thanks for the update and am jealous of your trip. Doing good here, starting packing. 🙂

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