Searching for Russian Jewish Bakeries


Even before arriving in NYC, I knew I wanted to try some Jewish pastries.

Strangely, for a city that has a large Jewish population, I couldn’t find any authentic bakeries. At all.

We had only 1 criterion: poppy seeds. Anything, bread, pastry, rugelach, whatever had ground up and sweetened poppy seeds stuffed inside would do.

Yet search and search we did with no results.

After 7 days…nada.

To be fair, we were only looking for places in Manhattan. Brooklyn and Queens were too far away for us to make a trip just for some rolled up doughy desserts. Still, we expected something around East Village…

On the 8th and final day of the trip, we got desperate.

Yelp saved the day. We found directions to a Hungarian bakery with exactly what we were looking for in the Lower East Side. Off we were….to a completely new experience for me as I’ve never tried these pastries before.

So these are the goodies I had:


Well, I wished I had  been able to anyway. I couldn’t try everything. But what I did try was delish!

Totally worth the trek!

Lower East Side, you’ll forever hold a special place in my heart for delicious Jewish sweetness.


P is looking longingly at his beigli (poppy seed roll).


Well earned treat after all that hard work searching and exploring.

More food photos to come.