Connections: Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan


Continuing with my New York photos…here are the ones I took from my trek across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Of course there is a huge American flag at the top of the bridge — only natural here.


We took the subway to Brooklyn because everybody advised us to walk from Brooklyn to Manhattan instead of going in the other direction.

And they were right! The reason being that we got to see Manhattan as the sun set over the river. Very beautiful scene.


I’ve seen the Brooklyn Bridge in so many movies, heard of it from so many references, and talked about it several times before even flying to New York that I was stoked to finally cross it.


Despite the deathly cold weather (I couldn’t even bend my fingers because they were frozen and swollen red – I was lucky P lent me his gloves so I could keep my hands warm), I enjoyed every bit.

The view gave me a chance to check out the other bridges leading into the city too…



And here’s Manhattan at dusk, waiting for us to return like a patient mistress of the night.


I really loved New York.


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