Halloween: Pumpking Carving and Merriment

A special edition to celebrate Halloween.

Even if it is a few minutes from ending (and I never celebrate Halloween, ha), I want to share some light-hearted fun about the holiday. When I first came to the US, I learnt that the 31st of October is most famously known as the holiday where one can dress up like a slut…get away with it. Great. I had always come to know Halloween for its witches, ghouls and trick-or-treating tradition. So I didn’t expect that social commentary. But since then, I’ve discovered that partying isn’t the only feature celebrated today. In fact, pumpkins are one of the best kept secrets (from the rest of the world) about Halloween and its Jack-o-Lantern. Since I’m busy grinding my nose in books this year, I’m spending it quietly and wholesomely at home and at the office (no partying for me).

So this is what I did on Halloween 2011.

I started a new job and as part my personal growth and life-enhancing duties, I got to help with pumpkin carving. This is an annual competition in its 5th year – and the stakes are high. As with any competition carrying real and heavy consequences such as gloating privileges and well-justified up-turned noses, we took this task with seriousness and made magnificent orange sculptures.

Most importantly, it was so much fun!!

So here are my top 3 favourite creations. Guess which one won first place?

Candidate 1

Candidate 2

Candidate 3

Awesome right?

And despite my sarcasm imbued post, I really do love my new job. It’s so much fun. And I get to learn a lot of important things – pumpkin sculpting, among many other skills. And I mean that sincerely.

So what did you do for Halloween? 

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4 thoughts on “Halloween: Pumpking Carving and Merriment

  1. Did the Wall St one win first prize??
    What do people do with the pumpkin inner after they carve it out..? Do they make it into pumpkin pie or something?

    • No. Angry birds won first prize. Darn it. But we came 2nd with the cooler Wall St Pumpkin. aka Candidate 3. We had the funnier pumpkin though I believe! If you can, check out a close up of the little signs. We had sacks of money. And really funny, snarky remarks.

      The pumpkins for carving are so big they’re not tasty to eat. I think they’re bred specifically for carving. But you can roast the seeds and eat them. I’ve never heard of anybody cooking the insides after carving but I suppose it’s possible. they’re really pretty at night with a candle inside. The tastier ones are smaller, about the size of a small bowling ball and I like to steam them.

    • My team’s pumpkin was candidate 3. I didn’t say in case it skewed the results. Sadly they won first place. But I think ours was the best of course.
      Though, the angry birds one was original and really funny when I first saw it. It was from the IT team so also appropriate.

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