Hidden Oasis: Foothills Park

The weather in South Bay was gorgeous this week. Unfortunately, last week it rained most of the week. Too bad for my Dad who was visiting me. We weren’t able to do much with wet weather, except shopping and indoor activities. It gave me a good chance to cook some delicious food for him (I may post those pictures in my next post, depending on if I have any new material to post about). But this week, in comparison, the sun was out and the temperature had risen significantly.

To celebrate, I’m posting photos of a short afternoon in Foothills Park, in the heart of the Palo Alto mountains.

The Palo Alto mountains are not really mountains – they’re not high or steep enough. But they’re bigger than hills and have a couple of tracks that are a few miles long (I believe the longest is 14 miles); so it’s a substantial amount of space and nature to spend a day.

The mountains and I are not well acquainted. I have only seen them on the rare occasion and usually from afar when I’m taking the I-280 to San Francisco because the 101N is a nightmare during rush hour.

And let me tell you, I was not disappointed at all. There was a cute little artificial pond in the middle of the park. Many young children playing in the water in rubber rings and kayaks. There were a good many boys fishing too – but I doubt there are any fish in that shallow, grassy ditch filled with murky water.

Nevertheless, the view was beautiful and still. A delicious piece of tranquility on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

And speaking of delicious, there were some ducks. Not that I would have eaten them from the pond. They would be too smelly!

Hello! That’s my friend and me. I went to the park with her family and her husband took a beautiful photo of us.

In fact, I have to credit him and his son L for taking a few of these photos. Here they are, enjoying the view.

We really had a nice day. The next time I’m here, I really hope it’s for a nice picnic. Keeping my fingers crossed that the weather will stay hot and sunny.


7 thoughts on “Hidden Oasis: Foothills Park

  1. For a minute I thought I’d been to that park, but it just looks quite similar to a park down in Los Gatos. I found the same thing in Oakland last weekend. It was very much reminded me of the South Bay, whereas Berkeley was totally different. In a freaky Twin Peaks way 😉

      • I don’t find that down here, but think that’s a measure of how much more widely you’ve travelled down here than me. The places I go all have quite distinctive looks (Downtown, USC area, LF/Silverlake, Pasadena, Hollywood, Glendale, Santa Monica).

      • I think cities don’t count. It’s more like surburbia (you know how US is afflicted with the problem that suburban environments are designed by big cookie-cutter corporations). LA is spread out. But if you drive on the freeway for a while and get out of the city center, suddenly it looks the same. Eg. the Vally vs. East side, I can’t tell the difference. And Orange County — well that’s just one of the most artificially constructed places I’ve ever been to. Kind of makes me miss the natural landscape back home.

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