Tapas: Glorious Spanish feasts in Seville & Granada

As promised, here are the drool-worthy pictures of food from Spain.

There are so many photos; D and I really made our rounds. So I won’t comment on them all. You can flip through slowly and enjoy the visual temptations.

But I will comment on the best ones…

Spicy sausage, pigs blood and gazpacho

Incroyable! Hanging ham legs (iberico?) from a café that sells ham in Granada. They filled the whole ceiling. I was partly worried my open mouth will be filled with some fat dripping off the ham hocks. Luckily each had a small cone that caught any drippings

So if you haven’t noticed already, ham is a big deal in Spain! Especially good quality ham.


Such a big deal they have the entire leg and carve strange from it. Apparently you can tell the different hams based on the color and type of hoof

D, paying his respects

Delicious, thinly sliced ham

But we weren’t satisfied. So on our quest, we chanced on his little café that sold cheap cheap (because this stuff is expensive!) but FABULOUS quality ham. Great find. As you can tell from the door itself 😉

Pig hoof for the door handle. Classic, right?

And half an hour later, I’m one happy girl!

We went to a bar that served tapas. All over Spain, the custom is that you buy a drink and get a tapa for free. That is how tapas started and they have always worked like this. But this place was not so good.  We had to pay for some tapas. And the ones they gave us were bad. So we left.

But they had cute decorations. Like this handles for the beer on tap.

Range of different bottle openers!

One of my favourite tapas: Tortilla.

But Spanish style – means it’s made from onions and potatoes with eggs. Not like the Mexican made from flour or corn used like bread.

Bruschetta-like. Bits of salmon on toasted bread with cheese, thinly sliced avocado and cavier. SOOOO good

Spinach with Chickpeas – this was amazing. With the cumin, exquisite blends of flavours.

Hummus. So good

And octopus, gently grilled with a dash of olive oil and mayonnaise.

Shame the bread sucked. Otherwise, I might dare say the food was better than my food in France 😉


2 thoughts on “Tapas: Glorious Spanish feasts in Seville & Granada

    • it was really tasty.
      actually some of the other stuff was even better though. but it was taking too long so i couldn’t give an intro to everything. i might actually add more…
      i liked the exotic food, stuff i never had before!

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