Granada, Spain: Home to the Pomegranate & Alhambra

Beautiful, isn’t it?

This is Granada. The second part of my trip to Spain, where my friend D  and I stayed for 2 days. We continued our trip through the South of Spain from Seville, soaking up the sun while the rest of Europe trembled in snow and rain through January.

Alhambra is a palace constructed in the 14th century by the Moorish rulers who dominated a parts of Europe and primarily North Africa at the time (same folks who brought Islam to Spain).

And it is a breathtaking oasis hidden in the middle of a big city (and breathtaking also refers to the hill climb to get there)!

The detail on the handcrafted walls, ceilings and floor was exquisite.

The inside was just as interesting as the outside.

Outside, the architecture is typically Moorish – very similar to buildings I saw in Marrakesh (maybe I should post my photos from my Morocco trip from 2 years ago…what d’ya think?).

Full of brown clay buildings, writhing in mazes… encapsulated within lush, verdant gardens…

Little Mazes

And the view of the whole city!!!

Even the detail on the furniture, ornaments and decorations were just as beautiful as the buildings:


And the rest of Granada…

Seedy night life 🙂

Just kidding. It’s an amazing tapas bar. More food pics to come on the next post as promised..

Beautiful pomegranate is a symbol of the city. They even made all the little metal barriers on the side of the road into shapes of pomegranate.

So my last post will be all about food. I’m sure you’re excited.

Want to thank D for taking the awesome photos. I took some, but the best ones are all his!


One thought on “Granada, Spain: Home to the Pomegranate & Alhambra

  1. These are some REALLY awesome pictures. The picture of you in the maze is cute. The one of you on the ledge scared me as I’ve had a recent bad experience with taking dangerous pictures 😛

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