Les CATACOMBES version deux: souterrain avec mes amis! (underground with my friends)


In Paris, above ground, you’re nobody. Underground, at least you feel like somebody. In the Catacombes.

I miss Paris. I’m still posting blogs about this city even after being back in Los Angeles for over a month and a half. And the reason is only not because I am so bloody slow at uploading my photos and writing posts. But hey! I have many photos.

It’s nice to draw it out too because it helps me relive the moments. A sweet memory here, a little whisper there when I go back and flip through my photos I can almost remember smelling the bread, seeing the buildings, strolling down the boulevards.


And I’ll end my series on Paris with this final post. Unless I find more photos I forget about (highly doubtful). The photos from my trip to Sevilla & Granada, Spain should arrive in less than 1 week though when D comes to California. So I will make sure I get those up. Plus I’m going to the Bay (hello San Francisco again, I’ve missed you). Basically, you can expect more variety soon.

But for now, you will enjoy these photos of the underground catacombes. I don’t want to bore (or excite!) you with long stories about them. Read about them yourself. They are a hot topic now; the National Geographic recently featured a story in their February (?) edition about them. They included a gorgeous spread of photos definitely worth seeing.

Even better though, is to check out the real thing. And with some amazing friends, I was able to do that. And here are the photos.

I don’t include any photos with people other than myself in them. Because this is not the Denfert-Rochereau amusement 8€ ride for 45 minutes. No these are illegal and I don’t want to invade people’s privacy or post photos of stuff that might get them in trouble. So here I am going to thank you all now, my cataphiles for bringing me. And this is the last that I will mention them. Except to say, you were also part of one of, if not, THE absolute BEST experiences I had in Paris. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

And don’t try this yourself. Seriously. THIS IS NOT FOR EVERYBODY. This post is not a recommendation for you to go do this. You might die in there. Like sex ed in high school, my advice is, don’t do it. But if you have to, then find a guide. Don’t go in there a lone. It’s not worth getting lost.

My favourite parts:

– the masterpieces created with paint and spray paint. From classical art to colourful graffiti the catacombes has it all

– there are road signs just like above ground which name many of the passages

– the little salons are cute and you can go hang out with some friends or meet up with other cataphiles underground. RDV la plage!

Last thing, I wish someone has told me this before I went in because there is not much information online about this. Bring some good shoes because you will walking for long time (we were in there for 10 hours 30 mins first time and about 9 hours second time) and you’ll be wet for a long, long time. So good clothes you don’t mind getting FILTHY DIRTY. But also it’s so humid with trapped air so you’ll be sweaty. If you’re tall, be prepared to crawl and crouch for a long time. The spaces are small, so think twice if you’re claustrophobic.

That's a tight squeeze!

Bring flash lights – headlamp is best. Deliciously yummy food (we did a fondue in there and it was amazing! Perfect for all the calories we burnt walking through tunnels). Cameras, of course.

And, most importantly, your sense of adventure and good humour !

You will see much art that will amaze you. But one thing I learnt that applies here as much as in the natural wanderland in New Zealand, please take away any rubbish, left over food, s that don’t belong in there.


P.S. I hope nobody is pissed off I’m posting this because I know you’re very protective about this space. So if my post upsets you, post a comment or send me a message and I’ll think about deleting it.


P.P.S. Special request from J