I’d be a terrible peasant in Medieval Provence

Baux-en-Provence a medieval town that is highly fortified on top of a hill. The view is amazing overlooking a valley. The city itself is relatively empty except for some pottery stores, restaurants and sweet store. Instead it’s filled with these enormous medieval weapons.

Paul R, these photos are for you. Looking at the huge catapults reminded me of you!

Grrrr…don’t I look aggressive next to a catapult? 😉

K looking beautiful in the wind

The sign next to the wall warning people not to throw each other over the wall. Seems self-explanatory. Still, can’t help but see the humor behind illiterate medieval folks warning each other what would happen if you threw your friend over the wall.

S & me

LOL D you’re too funny

Better pic of D


I would make such a bad peasant in the Middle Ages. Being trapped in the stocks caused a lot of pain. But not just ordinary pain. More like pain and excruciating discomfort. In my defense, my feet didn’t reach perfectly on the ground so I was on tippy toes for a long time. Anyway, it felt awful. Can’t imagine being trapped there for 3 or more days.


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