Aix-en-Provence, the name says it all.


Doesn’t it sound cool to say, “hey I’m from Aix”. I don’t know why that pleases me so much. But it just sounds so cool.

I loved this city. It was amazing!!!!


– Beautiful fountains all over the city. EVERYWHERE. Basically every single intersection. Many many many. And they’re all beautiful. Especially the one in the little courtyard paved with cobblestone.

– The clock tower is awesome. It shows the time, which back in the day was a big deal already because of the new technology. But it also has a weather vane that shows the direction of the wind at the top. And then 4 little statues that rotate to show the seasons (spring, summer, autumn and winter). Cool huh?

– The food was amazing!!! You can salivate over those photos yourself

– The calisson!!! Yum yum, need I say more?

– Strangely after going to France 3 times, I still have not tried a marron glacé even though I keep telling myself to do it. I think because it just seems to sweet to me I never have the desire. But maybe next time I will. Anyway they were also everywhere in Aix. Probably because it was almost Christmas…

– Also visited the workshop and quasi-home of Paul Cézanne. Beautiful work shop set up with perfect conditions. Very quaint and well preserved by the family who live in the house now. Took some nice photos with S in front of it. It’s quite the hike up a steep slope so we got some good exercise for once!

– My favourite part about Aix-en-Provence? Getting lost in the small, narrow streets and finding little boutiques with very cute and distinctly Southern French items. It was a very adorable city.


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