Isn’t the snow beautiful?

I know the cold weather is upon me when I feel the bitter chilly wind creeps inside my clothes and slap me till my back and toes feel numb. And yet, I’m finding more and more that snow has a peaceful beauty that is hard to surpass. Sure, a golden sunset during a warm summer’s day next to the beach is hard to beat (especially when the BBQ grill fills the air with the smell of deliciously cooked seafood). But snow has a rough elegance second to none: not only frosty and cold as hail pelts down with angry vengeance, but also delicate and fragile as snowflakes melt slowly through my skin. It’s really beautiful.

What I learnt so far living in a city that snows:

1. best to walk like a crab – small and very quick steps because long strides make me slip in ice, (gosh I wish I had a photo of me to upload here)

2. buy some shoes that are decently waterproof,

3. if everybody suddenly disappears and walks laterally, there’s probably a huge puddle coming up,


4. umbrellas mean NOTHING in snow and


5. don’t be too embarrassed when the old lady with the cane is laughing at me, hell she’s had all those years of practice AND she’s got a cane to help her walk through sludge.



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