My homesick refuge

London was beautiful. It came at the perfect time when I was starting to feel homesick. And really it is the perfect place for that. There’s enough of everything! It reminds me of NZ culture because NZ was an ex-colony and most of our culture, admittedly, is English. So the people (meat pies and fish and chips!), the food, the colours, all reminded me of home. Then L, my amazing friend who hosted me and whom I know from USC, well there’s the American culture right there. And last but not least, of course I miss my Chinese food. And there is all is, in a tight bundle in London. ‘Course wish I wasn’t spending pounds. But home is priceless!

This is hilarious to me because the same company with the same colours, logo etc, is called STREETS in New Zealand. Guess they decided Walls is more appropriate in London?


I can't go to London without a Telephone box photo


Real crown made of real gold. Absolutely beautiful

The exhibition on Islamic art was so gorgeous. They have beautiful colours and writing. The procelain and mosiacs were very well done.

Hello Mr. Big Ben

I ❤ Dancing


THE Rosetta Stone apparently. Very cool, loved the hieroglyphs

L and I are partying it up in London!


Over 21 and 18. Slurp slurp

London makes my mouth water. I come here when I get homesick and miss food from my childhood. (Sadly Paris isn't so good with the Chinese cuisine)




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