Madainn mhath Edinburgh

Went to visit my dear friend E in Edinburgh during the Armistice Weekend! So here are the beautiful photos.

The city is very old. And very cold. Not sure when the architecture dates back to but the city had very picturesque buildings. The style is completely different to Paris which has a mixture of old and modern. The city of Edinburgh has a very well-developed, old character like vintage cheddar that’s been left to ripen for decades. Particularly in the old village where the Castle lives, there are wide boulevards littered with small narrow streets that had crooked buildings and pathways that look hundred of years old. Most of the stone buildings were heavily fortified which adds to the coldness of the façades. For example, they got themselves prepared for battle with keeps, and turrets, and places where they could shoot arrows, etc (clearly, I’m not well versed in Medieval defense architecture).



Old church building


Strangely modern looking building

Highlights from my trip:

Hanging out with E whom I hadn’t seen since May when school finished. He was so nice and let me stay with him for 2 nights! His dormmates were also extremely sweet and warm people. We went to get Indian food and it was so fun 🙂 (UK for sure the best place in Europe for Indian food!!)

(yeah I know I look tired, but I’d been travelling for a long time in the UK, okay, LOL)

When I was standing in front of The Castle, looking up at the aqua sky, I noticed the clouds race across the blue canvas. It was the strangest thing because I don’t think I’ve ever seen move so quickly. Perhaps it’s because the closer to the poles, the faster it seems the world is moving on its axes? Maybe one of my physics friends and answer this question. Either way, it was very beautiful.

The people are extremely friendly too. I only met one rude person and to be fair, he wasn’t Scottish either. He was a rude dairy owner who was probably just miserable in his own life. ‘Nuff said, Scots are really friendly. And they have such a nice countryside!

Also I tried some haggis for the first time ever. Yup, that’s sheep offal (organs – heart, liver, lungs) stuffed in sheep stomach and cooked for forever with delicious spices. It was fantastic. Very rich. Plenty of iron. Reminded me a lot of French boudin. But better because there was more flavour compared to the blood sausages I’ve had in France. Definitely a must try if you go there. And don’t think about it. It’s pretty good considering what it’s made out of. I certainly wasn’t thinking about all the lungs etc as I ate it. (And yes this is miles away from my old vegetarian days, but everybody needs to try some sheep organs to live a little!)


Sadly my camera ran out of battery at this point so I don’t have more photos. Guess this is another reason why I have to go back!

Thankfully just had enough battery to take a photo with 2 Scotsmen I saw in the airport in their kilts. So ladies and gentlemen, it’s true indeed. They do wear kilts, despite the cold weather and they are damn proud of them too.



6 thoughts on “Madainn mhath Edinburgh

  1. You used to be a vegetarian?? I think the ability to swallow all of those animal insides is your Asian dynamic showing through haha. See you Anna, glad to see that you are still rocking Europe!

    • Hehe I stopped my vegetarian ways when I came to Europe. And yes I feel there’s so much pressure to be an omnivore as an Asian. And I miss dim sum like mad. Esp all those delicious organs. (sorry Alice)

    • Hehe I stopped my vegetarian ways when I came to Europe. And yes I feel there’s so much pressure to be an omnivore as an Asian. And I miss dim sum like mad. Esp all those delicious organs. (sorry Alice)

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