J’adore le chocolat

One of the more special experiences so far in Paris is the Chocolate Fair, also known as, le Salon du Chocolat. It’s an event hosted in many of the big cities in the world such as New York, Shanghai and so on. But it started in Paris and this is where hundreds of chocolate lovers congregate every year to taste the best offerings from the chocolate aficionado of the industry. Thanks to my friend D who got me a ticket, I was lucky enough to go in and eat as many samples as possible until we were bursting and sick to our stomaches.  Plus, predictably, I couldn’t stop jumping around from my sugar high. Thankfully we had bottles of water on hand and sushi to help.

Here are the spoils from the afternoon:

So to start, I have photos from the Lindt company; the two chefs are making crème brûlée chocolate squares that have a thin and gooey inside with a thin and crunchy chocolate coating on the outside.

I also really enjoyed the fashion and sculptures made from chocolate especially the dress with the chocolate skirt that has the right texture and flow to make the material look real. The Aztec sculpture with the dragon head and detailed base is amazing. It’s also very cool how the artists uses the 4 types of chocolate at his disposal: white, milk, dark and cocoa powder to create the different shadings and patterns.

The raw cocoa plant looks like a pod that contains weird organs when first opened. It’s amazing how beautiful chocolate comes from something so ugly and disgusting-tasting before it’s processed!

And there are pictures after pictures of all the goodies 🙂 Some of the peculiar ones: potato-shaped and sardine-shaped chocolate, “inactive” cannabis chocolate without the THC, the innocent looking cherub pissing a fountain of chocolate! And the huge bigger-than-life-size Petit Ourson – part of the petits oursons which are marshallow shaped teddy bears dipped in chocolate. Yes they’re as good as they sound. And they covered the entire 4 sides of the stand for the mini statue in petits oursons with a sign saying “no touch”. At that point, clearly it was an invitation and I stole 2. And they tasted amazing.

I really enjoyed seeing the curry powder and spices though. They had some of the most fragrant tea I’ve ever smelled, which just so happened also tasted delicious.


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