Monet’s Inspiration

Ever seen a painting by Claude Monet and wondered what he was thinking?

Well, our trip to Giverny wasn’t able to answer that question. But we saw his beautiful house and even more picturesque garden which explains why he was able to live there for so many years and paint so many iconic, internationally famous paintings.

The lily pond is one of the highlights and really made the whole trip. But everything was so delicate and delightful. Giverny is a little over an hour outside of Paris and the train ride was a mess. But the weather was gorgeous (we went during Summer, so these photos are a few months old).

His house is situated in the country side. We saw roosters, chickens and horse and other farm animals in mini farmers on the little hike to the house and then more in pens in his garden. The house was filled with his paintings and art from others who stayed with him and were influenced by Monet or in turn influenced him. Surprisingly there was a lot of Japanese art!

Life in the country was slow and peaceful in a very relaxing way. It is no wonder why Parisians (those who can) escape the capital during the summer to spend delectable summer months à la campagne.

I highly recommend going to Giverny if you have a few extra days in Paris and it’s summer. Especially if you’ve seen a good deal of touristy things; it’s a nice excuse to give yourself a relaxing stroll in nature. You take the train from Saint-Lazare and then a little shuttle and voilà, easy!


2 thoughts on “Monet’s Inspiration

  1. I love these pictures Anna! So, so beautiful!! Glad to see more photos of you 😀 It seems like Paris has influenced your fashion sense. Positively, of course \(^o^)/

    • Aww thanks Alice, that’s so sweet of you. And yes as per your request I now make my friends take photos of me with the monuments and force them to get into my photos. But I agree, makes it more interesting to flip through.

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