Le Château de Versailles

So my darlings, this is le Château de Versailles, located…in Versailles.

This is the former royal residence of Louis XIV, also known as le roi soleil (the Sun King – because he thought he was in the middle of the world, solar system, and essentially, universe). The château (castle) was supposed to be a summer residence but the kind decided to move his whole court to Versailles permanently, which became the capital during Louis XIV’s reign.

He spent a ton of money too, about half of all the money the richest country in Europe at the time (yes, France) earnt in that year. But the details are so fine, you can see why. Even the pots and urns in the garden have individual designs so each one is unique. Not to mention the silk hangings in the royal bedrooms because wallpaper just didn’t cut it. And need I say more about the mile long artificial canal created so the garden literally stretches as far as the eye can see. But not too far unless you can a glimpse of the dreadful Bernini bust Louis despised and exiled to the very back of the garden.

Few other cool things to note: La Galerie des Glaces (The hall of Mirrors), the perfectly symmetrical and evenly spaced gardens – Louis’ way of flipping the bird to nature (just to show how powerful he was, he even controlled nature…supposedly), the gorgeous fountains, the monumental front and sides with Classical architecture features (columns, pediments, urns, relief sculpture….)…

And if you’re wondering what those weird golden kitsch looking things are…well Takashi Murakami was having an exhibit at the palace for whatever reason (kind of a weird clash, don’t you think?). But I suppose it adds a modern touch to the very Classic château.


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