Le Bon Marché

As part of my marché series, had to share something funny with you today. Long while ago I wrote down I had to visit something called Le Bon Marché. I forgot what it was because I only put the address down in my moleskin (which I love, it’s my best friend in Paris). I happened to be in the neighbour and decided to check it out.

Bon marché in French means cheap, or a good deal. Ya know, like a bargain buy. So I go there expecting to find a run down market maybe with some cheap food or cheap winter clothes I can buy (perfect). Plus I desperately needed to use the bathroom (those of you who know me well…) and they’re hard to find in Paris! So I walk around looking for the store. Only to find…hahah


it was filled with anything but items bon marché.

At this point, I laughed. I realised I’d been punned. Le Bon Marché, might mean cheap in French, but a literal translation also means the good market. As in, a good shopping mall, in this case. Haha, a cute little malentendu (misunderstanding) ou double sens (double meaning, curiously the French don’t use the expression, double entendre, meaning a double, often sexual, connotation/meaning, even though they are French words). Anyway, I happily used the clean bathrooms (love that about high end department stores) and went away thinking about the rest of my life.



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