Food!!!!!!!!!!! Need I say more?

…I’m back. Excuse the hiatus. Haven’t had stable internet for a few days since I went to stay with my cousin B and her fiancé W. I have so much to tell you, recently visited Switzerland so the posts about that will come up soon.

Right now I’m finally in Paris!! But of course, it’s only the second day of arriving and we’re going through orientation so I haven’t done too much exploring and you’re not missing out. But in the meantime I’ll catch you up on the Italian adventures (that I was supposed to finish a while ago).

So without further ado….FOOD. One of my favourite topics, and for those of you who know me, one of my greatest passions in life.

Let’s start with ROMAN food. You know the authentic stuff. We went to a very authentic restaurant recommended by a tour guide. We walked and the cook of the established walked out; it was a real Italian mother with her head wrapped in a towel. Plus when we sat down, the waiter told us we cannot order from a menu. We pay 25€ each and they serve us what they want to from a menu they have chosen and everybody eats the same food.For starts we had the amazing selection above. Lentils, proscuitto, deep fried risotto balls, deep fried mashed potato, olives, tomatoes with olive oil and herbs, and bread. So delicious. There was also house wine (red). For the entrée, we had 2 types of pasta – one with a red sauce and the other with a white. The main was some average stewed meat with some stewed beans. Uninteresting. But the starters…I really enjoyed!

The dessert was a delicious bread-cake concoction which was just right: not too sweet or too dense. Could’ve been fluffier but then it would’ve been more like a cake and maybe it would’ve thrown the whole thing off. It came with a delicious jam sauce.

Honestly, I enjoyed the experience because I was eating real Roman food. But I have to admit I was disappointed because I assumed the food would be more delicious. I found it kind of rough and without much flavour. Maybe I’m too used to French food or had high expectations but I was a bit disappointed.

However that was ameliorated by the amazing gelato I had at Giolitti. Thanks to H for the rec. I got 2 flavours, the Nutella and perhaps Stracciatella?

It was just perfect for the hot and humid weather. Plus of course it tasted delicious melting all over my fingers and trickling down my hands.

Yum yum

Finally we had a seafood dinner as the last way to send us off (and also my second chance for Roman food to really prove itself. I will say I enjoyed the pizza (which is hard to get wrong). It was nice that we could get one separated into 4 sections – one for each flavour. I enjoyed the mushroom and egg sections VERY much.

The rest of the seafood….disappointing again sadly. But oh well I guess Italian food, their heavy pastas and pizzas, and other little odd nibbles, just aren’t for me.

Very fresh seafood

And still despite everything, still delicious of course. Just different and not what I expected. Maybe next time I should go to Sicily and Sardinia. I heard the food is spectacular here!


7 thoughts on “Food!!!!!!!!!!! Need I say more?

  1. I’m all caught up on your blog 🙂 I’ll have to admit, seeing your face in these pictures was nice, but got me a lil teary-eyed. It looks like you’re having an awesome time there, so I’m glad about that… but I miss you!

  2. What part of “a very authentic restaurant recommended by a tour guide” doesn’t sound quite right to you?

    Yes, exactly. This is probably true for any country, but for Italy twice as much: if the tour guide “recommends” a place, stay as far away from it as possible.
    Actually, just stay away from tour guides, period. Their job isn’t to show you the marvels of their country and let you in on the best-kept secrets of the local cuisine. Their job is to keep you from leaving the designated “tourist area” of whichever city you’re visiting, in order for the locals to be able to enjoy their city (and their favorite restaurants) without noisy tourists and constant picture-taking.

    Also, you can bet that the guide get a cut from the restaurant owner for every unwitting tourist he can bring there.

    • true very true. fortunately, this wasn’t a traditional “tour guide”. the lady was working on the bus we took so she seemed pretty authentic considering she was struggling to speak english. also another good indicator when we walked up, romans out numbered tourists. it was so hard to find we walked around for 1 hour, no kidding (altho there were some beautiful things to see) just to find it even tho we were only 5 mins away (rome has such smally alleys!). and then of course, best indicator, only one guy knew how to speak english. maybe that explains why they have a set menu you pay 25€ for and they feed you whatever they have. really helps take communication troubles away 😀

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