Bâteau Mouche FAIL on La Seine

OK this was unnecessary, but I just had to post this.

Today, I saw one of the biggest fails on the Seine River (La Seine). We were walking down the portion of the river where all the boats are anchored. These boats, such as the famous Bâteau Mouche, Bâteau Parisien, Vedettes de Paris give you tour ride down the Seine where you can see big monuments from the water. It’s well worth it if you are interested in sightseeing such as the Louvre illuminated at night and the Eiffel Tower flashing its lights. People were lining up to buy tickets. Suddenly we chanced on a huge crowd of people that were standing around staring at the water.

This is what we were all looking at:

What is happening here?

What are all the police doing?
We direct our attention to some police and life guard people on the Seine…

Still after 5 minutes, had no idea what was happening. After asking a guard nearby, turns out the story is there was a ship that had sunk in the Seine. Take a closer look at the last photo.

There’s a just the very top of the boat visible above water. The boat literally sunk entirely in the river. It was carrying sand. Probably to refresh the supply at the Paris Plage (a fake beach the Parisians create every summer on the Seine). Unfortunately, the boat was carrying too much sand and ended up sinking. The police and ambulance arrived trying to fish and tow the ship out of the water. Nobody was hurt. There was only the captain on board and he swam to safety. Unfortunately all the boats were unable to sail that day. So we drove all the way to Paris for no reason!

The only 2 good things that came from it was I got a decent view of the Eiffel Tower. And it was a hilarious story.

More to come on Paris. Promise next time it will actually be an adventure.


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