Day 2: San Francisco (Part 2)

View from Treasure Island. A left turn from the freeway not many people know about. It's a manmade island and has an amazing view of the Bay bridge and San Francisco

Excuse my brief hiatus. Post-exams, I have much more time to catch up on blogging my SF trip (and the myriad of other posts I’ve neglected…it’s going to be a busy month). I’m sure you’re hanging off your seats waiting for the second installment of day 2 in San Francisco, so without further ado…

After the Ferry building, we joined the St. Patrick’s Day parade on it’s way to the Civic Center. The parade was lined with hundred of people on both sides of the street stretching from the Ferry Building to the Civic Center. And let me tell you, that’s not a short walk. In fact we had to climb some hilly areas and walk 1/4 of the way across town to get there.

The sight which greeted us was…surprisingly respectable. No drunken Irish blokes stumbling around. A few red heads with pale freckled skin sprinkled around the place. And (not) surprisingly no leprechaun. Instead there were a number of well made costumes and vehicles completely decked out. Many performers such as the baton girls above and Irish dance troop (tap dancing, River dance?). Quite an amicable parade. I heard the same company organizes a number each year including the Gay Pride parade and the Love parade in the same place.

Later we got hungry. So we hunted down the restaurant that started it all. Boudin bakery. This bakery, located on the Fisherman’s Wharf, is famous for inventing San Francisco sour dough bread (thanks Anarchangel). Later we visited the headquarters and saw the bakers bake bread from their kitchen, through a glass wall. The operation was very elaborate and there was so much bread I was confounded they were able to sell so much in a day.

There was bread of all cute shapes and sizes. Particularly a number of shamrock shaped sourdough loaves just in time for St. Patty’s Day.

Even though the bakery had ridiculously awesome conveyor belts transporting bread from A to B, we didn’t actually eat there. Too packed. So went to a smaller franchise in the middle of SF opened by the same folks. I got a salad and their clam chowder, which incidentally is what they’re the most famous for: sourdough bread bowls and clam chowder.

And yes it was good and delicious. I was disappointed I still couldn’t eat bread from my Lenten promise. But you know, gotta leave something to do next time I go back there.

Afterwards, we decided to explore a bit of Fisherman’s Wharf. Very touristy place. It’s still nice but not much happened there except 1. I saw a hippy car decked out in embellishments and crazy accessories,

and 2. there is a man famous for hiding behind branches of trees he has cut off . He carries the branches and hides himself, mostly his face and upper body behind. Then he creeps up to unsuspecting tourists and yells, “BOO!” His job is to give them a fright, people standing watch and give him money. It’s a homeless man making supposedly 70k a year or something ridiculous I heard (I don’t believe it, but I guess tourists are rich). And people love this stuff! They like to watch him scare people. And you never know where he’s hiding so you always have to be on guard!

And there rest of the day…well the photos will tell their own story.

Cool bag made completely out of candy wrappers! Exactly the type of thing found in San Francisco

Giant turkey drumsticks on the grill. You only see this in America

Mmmm Ghirardelli chocolate

Lazy seals at Pier 39

Stopped by the AT&T baseball field. Quite beautiful

Entrance of AT&T Park with an amazing view

Glorious and beautiful Pier 39. The whole pier practically feels like a carnival with icecream shops and games to play

Good night San Francisco

**********And 5 hours later…***********

Hello crazy party in Berkeley at some random Frat (we had to try it, just once)


5 thoughts on “Day 2: San Francisco (Part 2)

  1. Anna! You are such a pro blogger, how do you format so well? Haha, I’ve had one for a while but I’m terrible at blogging. I just like reading everyone else’s. Maybe I’d enjoy it more if I had your skills. Teach me your ways o’ wise one of the blog! Um today (dim sum and Runyon) was so much fun! I love you. 🙂

    • Aww thanks Nhi. I’m not that great and it takes a LONG time! Some of the photos are really horrible. I’m trying to learn how to create mosaics; I think that will add an interesting touch. I don’t think I’ll teach you much but I can try if you want to learn anything. I’ll check out your blog too 🙂
      And yes I loved seeing you today and all the fun activities. It was so good. We’ll do it again soon. Promise.
      and I love you too ❤

  2. Looks fun! You didn’t make it to Alcatraz?

    …famous for inventing sour dough bread.

    Famous for inventing San Fransisco sour dough bread. I somehow managed to avoid this when I was there. It wasn’t intentional, but the only places I saw it were as bowls for seafood chowder, and I generally don’t like seafood.

    Did you try the fish and chips at Pier 39? I was about to, but it was so expensive, I couldn’t bring myself to do it if I didn’t know it was going to be edible. There was a cool arcade game museum nearby too.

    • Actually good point. I’ll make the change thanks. And it was honestly so-so. I don’t really like clam chowder and I had the best in my whole life in a place in Taupo with the trout and seafood caught in Lake Taupo. Boudin can put up a good try but nothing can beat that.
      I didn’t go to Alcatraz. I guess we didn’t want to spend a whole day, up early, visiting a prison. I wasn’t sure it was worth it. And I didn’t try the fish&chips. Everything seemed overpriced at Pier 39 and they probably wouldn’t be as good as some of the stuff I’ve had before. My roommate and I considered getting a crab at the fisherman’s wharf and splitting that but none of the seafood really appealed to us.

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