Day 2: San Francisco (Part 1)

San Francisco was jammed with plenty of interesting activities from the Farmer’s Market to St Patty’s Day to Fisherman’s Wharf. So I’m going to split up Day 2 otherwise the post would never end and you would get bored reading it despite all the shiny photos. Plus this makes things easier for me too.

So the long day started with a BART ride. BART stands for Bay Area Rapid Transit. And rapid it is. My roommie M and I took it from Stattuc Road Berkeley to San Francisco. Like the dumbass I am with directions, my friend Y told me to take the right train. We got on when it arrived. And then I decided, hey it’s the wrong one. Got off. Then realised it was the right one just as the door shut. And had to wait another 30 mins for the next one to come. Meanwhile Y who was supposed to meet us at 10am to walk over to the parade laughed his head off.

I am WEAKsauce.

No post is complete without a photo of public toilets. Surprisingly good looking from the outside. Didn't want to go inside though, esp considering the rate of homelessness in SF. Not sure what I'd find.

But thankfully, we finally made it and when we got off the subway, well, the sight really hit me in the face. And while that imagery doesn’t sound very attractive, Embarcadero, the station where we got off was actually quite pretty. There were street vendors selling knick-knacks like hand-made jewellery and trinkets. A blend of hippies, hipsters and normal people were milling around on a slow Saturday morning heading towards the Ferry Building. We walked towards the Ferry Building in anticipation of the marketplace inside which is famous for many little shops and cafes that had good food. And trust me, I was looking forward to all that good food I’ve been promised by anybody who’s been to the Bay. For some reason everybody thinks SF offers the best cuisine. It’s partially true. Perhaps it’s the European influence and the fact that it’s filled with RICH people?

So we crossed the extremely wide street. And lo and behold, there was a man in the middle of the island playing music with his drum-kit made from rubber and plastic containers. It was quite entertaining to see him innovate with all sorts of different cans and containers to make music. Embodies SF pretty nicely actually.

We make it to the Ferry Building. And the farmers market has already set up. We take a look at the fresh (organic of course) produce and there are some nice fruits and nuts. Altogether I was not too impressed. Y sends me a message saying there is chocolate covered bacon inside. Hmmm interest is piqued. M decided she wants to see off and find said bacon and so we enter the building to find it’s lovely inside. It’s packed with people and vendors along all the corridors. The main one was filled with food vendors who handed out samples to everybody. I tried some things like a piece of cookie, burnt caramel, chocolate. It was all good. Apparently the chocolate shop that sells bacon-covered chocolate stopped making them. But the cheese stop was delicious. 

At this point we decided to step outside and check out the view. The bay looked amazing. The sky was clear and blue. The water was sparkling in the sun light.

I had deliberately picked to go to SF on Saturday morning too because it was farmers market morning. Which meant many vendors and I was hoping for pretty decent prices.

I was not disappointed. Not at all. This was the biggest farmers market I’ve ever seen in North America and contained…just about anything. There were the staples like cheese, fresh produce and meat. But also random things like hot sauce and vegetables I’ve never seen in my life.

Unfortunately, the lines for food were sooo sooo sooo long we decided it wasn’t worth it. So we skipped the food though we did try some delicious cheeses and I played with some of the veges. Fresh indeed, they receive my endorsement. However, also super pricey.

At this point, Y somehow manages to find us at the back of the market and joins us for the early morning stroll. We go back into the building, he buys some seriously delicious cheese, and we chow down on the way to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade that started from the Ferry Building and went all the way to the civic center.

Yum yum cheese

To be continued…


2 thoughts on “Day 2: San Francisco (Part 1)

  1. Oddly enough, there’s a public toilet like that at Santa Monica and Vermont.

    I liked the Ferry Building, but it was annoyingly busy on a weekend, even without the Farmer’s Market. Some amazing stuff in there though. How far did the market extend outside the building?

    • it is very busy. and expensive. one thing i don’t like about SF, you pay a premium to be green, healthy and support local businesses. but the market was awesome. it extended all the way to the end of the platform behind the building actually. so huge

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