Spring Break in the Bay Area

So I went to the Bay for spring break. I know that was a few weeks ok. But I’ve had work ok?! Majority of people aren’t lucky enough to sit on their bums all day and write blog posts and upload photos. But wouldn’t that be a fabulous dream job?

Anyway back to the topic at hand. So I went to the Bay Area for spring break and here are my adventures. To be honest, I did a lot. And not all of it was interesting. So in the next few posts, I’m going to note the more eventful incidents and give you a very slimmed down version of the trip, after the jump.

Day 1. The Drive

From Los Angeles to Berkeley (our first stop). The drive took about 6.5 hours. It should really take 5-6 if you’re a blazin’ driver. But with my bladder it took us a few hours more. I went with my amazing roomie M. She’s was amazing at keeping me awake at the wheel. Fast forward past Bakersfield, the beautiful trees and agriculture in Central Valley, scary and tears-inducing CAFOs (those poor cows, the smell makes me want to puke too), and a whole lotta nothing and we get to Berkeley around 5pm.

So what to do now? M and I decide to explore around and get some delicious Indian food to eat. After all, with so many IT folks around, there’s naturally a large Indian immigrant population (seriously, not stereotyping; it’s true). And where Indians go, by default, means Indian food must be good. We stopped outside this beautiful looking building which supposedly housed an Indian restaurant.

It looked so beautiful though. How could it have a dingy Indian fast food joint? Well as soon as I walked inside, my question was immediately answered. The building may be gorgeous but it’s a right mess inside.

Tables are thrown everywhere. Students crammed pack here and there. M and I fought for a table and finally got one. We sat down and waited on wobbly table and chair legs. At least they gave us free hot tea though. Wonderful remedy for such a cold night. And trust me, coming from LA, the chilly climate was a bigger shock than I expected.

The food was ok. I guess for the price and speed it was good. But I seriously remember food was better. Everybody tells me food in the Bay is amazing. And it is. But this meal was disappointing.

Later we explored the area and walked around some of the shops. They have the strangest things. First off, there are zillions of shops selling an assortment of incense, bongs, pipes, rusta, Hindu and Buddhist mechandise. But even weirder beyond that were some of the stores we encountered.

There was a hat store.

Trust me this was a weird thing for me. Especially because I don’t think most people would ever wear these hat. So how do the owners make money to be open all year round?

And my favourite stores? Well there were a ton with the word HERB on every bloody thing. There was a Thai restaurant that introduced itself as “Thai Restaurant: delicious herbs and spices”. Or a Chinese restaurant with herb flavourings. It was crazy as if they were trying to make a point about something. Except this was the whole town doing it. And yes we all know about weed in Berkeley. So answering my question, my favourite store that night was probably walking past this one and having an awesome laugh knowing that yes they probably sell herbs and are great at providing herbs, teas and spices. But they probably also deal with harder to find herbs too. Right?


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