Let them eat bread

Just over a week ago I decided to give up bread for Lent. I’m not religious. More of an agnostic, yoga-lovin’ free spirit. But I decided to give up bread because I wanted to find out if I could live without a food I have grown up with my whole life that is also an integral part of many cultures. Plus I wanted to see if I could diversify and find new ways to replace bread, just so I could miss it a little.

So no bread for 40 days. I’m a quarter of the way through. My friends especially the bread boys think this is the funniest thing (I’m friends with 2 brothers who are baking fresh bread from scratch in hopes of starting a bakery). Though at first were probably a bit offended. Sorry boys!

It really hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would be. So Thursday night I receive a text from my friend G asking me to take her to Trader Joes cos she’s been out of food for the last 2 days.

Friday morning I decide to take and roommate M to…a bakery! Not just any bakery. A delectable bakery in Beverly Hills (proper) that serves gorgeous French loaves as well as other European bread.

La Brea Bakery has been around for 10+ years and they’re famous for their sourdough baguette. A combination of French bread making techniques fused with sourdough goodness inspired by the sourdough bread from San Francisco makes the most delicious baguette. Dipping, toast, sandwiches, I’ve used this bread for practically everything.

My friend G thinks I’m secretly living vicariously through her cos I keep trying to take her to bakeries. Personally I don’t think that’s true. But even so its worth going to check out the wonderful display of breads and desserts they have.

We walked up to the front and an adorable pale green European door greeted us. Even the outside has a distinct debonair about it. As soon as we stepped inside, my eyes were fixated on all the different breads and treasures in the shop. There’s a lot going on.

They sell their loaves stacked neatly on shelves. My favourite ones are Olive and Rosemary bread, French Baguette and Fruit and Nut bread (sooooo goooood).

But they also sell gourmet (which means stinky) cheeses and sausages.

They sell ready made food like salads and paninis. The ham and cheese panini is the best panini I’ve ever at in Los Angeles. Helps that it has thick slices of Gruyere and is slathered with butter.

They even have jams and preserves.

Here’s the assortment of desserts:  American classics like brownies cookies,

muffins and even cookies shaped into Hollywood themes like the movie cameras but also French desserts like cannelés de bordeaux and pastries such as pain au chocolat and croissants.

The folks at the bakery are very generous and always cheerful. Once I went with 2 other friends at 4pm on a Sunday afternoon and they were 5 mins from closing and obviously almost entirely sold out of bread. So the owner didn’t let us in. Big disappointment.

However she gave us a sourdough baguette each so we wouldn’t leave empty handed!

My favorite part of the trip: seeing my friend G after she finished her scrumptious pain au chocolat (or chocolatine/chocolate croissant depending on where you’re from in the world)


9 thoughts on “Let them eat bread

  1. I’ll check out the bakers too, next time I’m on campus on a Thursday. It’s a pity they’re not on the campus itself.

    • Cool! Are you a USC student? For some reason I thought you were from NZ! Though they’re not mutually exclusive. And do let me know how the baguettes go if you make them! Just bought a pack of yeast myself though don’t think it will come to anything soon.

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