Triple threat: Vietnamese, Vegan & Raw

Friday 12 February 2010

Who would have known there was this gem of a restaurant tucked away in Garden Grove?

Deliciously steaming "fish" pho

I had dinner at a raw vegan restaurant called Au Lac also known as a fantastically delicious establishment. Most people get freaked out by vegan food, maybe because it’s different or they think they won’t feel full from eating or purely the fact that it restricts meat makes it seem unnatural (though strangely enough eating vegetables is probably more “natural” considering the chemicals in meat). Anyway, it was fantastic food and highly recommended. They don’t only serve raw vegan cuisine although that was the premise on which the owner first opened the restaurant. They’ve expanded to offering cooked hot food, Vietnamese cuisine, such as pho and stir-fried fish made from seitan that tasted very convincingly like fish.

We had the pho with fake fish and a lot of aromatic herbs. The broth was very good considering there were no animal bones used to make the broth. We also had a delicious seaweed salad with kimchi and lettuce that made all the difference. It was like a fusion dish but everything came together spectacularly with Japanese, Korean and European accents. Even the dressing was vegan, made with pine nuts. So delicious.

The best part of eating at this restaurant was all the entertaining novelties. For example, my table was the only one with Asian people and folks over 40. Haha what do you expect at such a hipster restaurant?
Second, the knives, forks and spoons were all very kooky looking but cool looking. They were very heavy too so I’m guessing they were made out of silver. And the last novelty, the restaurant opens at 11:33am-3:33pm for lunch and 5:33pm-9:33pm for dinner. Why? Because their boss thinks 3 is an auspicious number. Haha makes it a big strange to see on the sign at the door. But interesting nevertheless.

Special thanks to H’s mum and aunt for taking me to Au lac! I loved it.


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