When Art meets Cool

Thursday 11 February 2010 (photos also from 2 other artwalks in 2009)

What do you get when you cross art galleries in Downtown LA, with a handful of hipsters and a good night of fun?

The Downtown LA Artwalk!

The Artwalk happens every second Thursdays (so twice a month for those math ppl out there 😉 ); galleries in the Los Angeles downtown area open their doors for the public to view the art. Most of the art has been down by contemporary artists and most of it is modern art. That means lots of crazy stuff happening including sculpturing,

photography, human art,

arts and crafts,

and some pretty naughty art.

Hmmm...what's this? Curious, so we walked in...

Why hello?! What’s this?

Surprise! ...only at the artwalk

Basically anything you can think of.

I’ve visited the artwalk three times so far.  While the art may repeat itself because usually the same galleries are opening, there is always something new to see either because the galleries are showcasing new art or because a new artist pops up.

To be honest, some of the art is beyond me. Like making silhouettes with lighting, dressing in white and playing music along with the ride.

Or dressing up as Jesus.

Some of the exhibits with paintings seem cool but not worth the price tag. And others are just plain creepy. Like this room with bars. Looks like some weird body with wires coming out…

Here’s more art:

Supposed a real safe from Ohio?

One of my favourite pieces because it looks cool

Most of the time, I go for the people-watching. And trust me, they never disappoint. The street is filled with the normal folks, jumping from gallery to gallery to see art. And then there are the artists who often are so eccentric, I usually miss the point of their costume or just them. And the best part, all the crazy hipsters! Some dressed in bright colours, others in funky hats or like homeless people, some with paint all over them, and some…just plain weird.

If these pictures aren’t reason enough to go to the Artwalk, then I’m going to have to also throw in a hip new café with delicious sweets called Syrup Desserts. They specialise in waffles with fillings inside. But also have ice cream, pastries, just about anything yummy. It’s the place for me to meet my friends because it’s close by on Spring. You can go and have a hot drink while you wait and when everybody gets there, well the Artwalk is right at your doorstep.

And last but certainly not least…”normal people”! At least my friends are.


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