Daikokuya and Little Tokyo Part 2

Thursday 11 February 2010

Little Tokyo has a strong hold over me. I can’t seem to stop going there. So this is part 2 of my adventures in Little Tokyo and Daikokyua because the weather was terrible the first time I went and I want to do the place justice. This time I was able to explore more of Little Tokyo too. My friend N and I planned on taking the bus there because LA transportation is an adventure in of itself. But plans didn’t work out so we drove (I know! Terrible carbon footprint, but at least 2 people were in the vehicle).

We got there and had a great time. And (without further ado) here are the pics!

Daikokuya - no waitline...this is a rare sight

More Daikokuya. Except this time we sat at the bar so N & I could see the whole process of how to make the ramen.

Strange looking sieve to strain broth

Hello Kitty!

A number of different stores, only seen in Little Tokyo…

Incredible watching this woman make Imagawayaki

Ice cream shop - One of oldest shops

Nijiya Market: famous for selling prepared Japanese food like curry and rice and sushi.


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